PC-based Control for Printing and Paper Machines PC-based Control for Printing and Paper Machines

Open automation solutions for Printing and Paper Machines

With PC-based control technology, Beckhoff offers an open and flexible automation solution for Printing and Paper Machines. Besides Industrial PCs, I/Os and fieldbus components, as well as drive technology and the TwinCAT automation software, the range of products encompasses a uniform, scalable and modular control system.

Applications & Solutions


Solutions: PC-based control technology from Beckhoff enables the whole process chain including prepress, printing and downstream processes such as conveying and production to be automated.


Applications: The application reports illustrate application options for Beckhoff products and technologies in practice.

TwinCAT – the control plattform

TwinCAT – the control plattform: TwinCAT integrates real-time control with PLC system, Motion Control and programming environment in a single package. Programming is based on the IEC 61131-3 standard.

AX5000 | Safety integrated

AX5000 | Safety integrated: Integrated control and safety technology is a prerequisite for safe and economic automation. With the integration of safety technology into drive technology, Beckhoff consistently developed the TwinSAFE system philosophy further.

EtherCAT – ultra high-speed communication

EtherCAT – ultra high-speed communication: Outstanding performance, flexible topology and simple configuration characterise EtherCAT, the real-time Ethernet technology from Beckhoff.

XFC | eXtreme Fast Control Technology

XFC | eXtreme Fast Control Technology: XFC, the fast control solution, is based on an optimised control and communication architecture that is capable of I/O response times < 100 μs.

XTS | eXtended Transport System

XTS | eXtended Transport System: The linear XTS replaces classic mechanical systems by innovative mechatronics. It enables individual product transport applications with a continuous flow of material.