Process technology

The system-integrated solution for explosion protection requirements: PC-based control.

With a universal toolkit of components and profound, cross-industry expertise, Beckhoff provides open automation systems for all industries on the basis of PC-based control technology. Through the consistent consolidation of control intelligence in automation software and established standard technologies from the fields of IT and automation, PC-based control combines all functions such as PLC, measurement technology and motion control into one powerful system. Beckhoff also supplies components from the controller to intrinsically safe I/Os for demanding applications in the process industries. With an extensive range of explosion-proof components, Beckhoff provides comprehensive solutions for barrier-free system integration right into Zone 0/20. These include EtherCAT Terminals with intrinsically safe I/O interfaces from the ELX series, along with Control Panels and Panel PCs of the highest build quality from the CPX series as well as updates to TwinCAT control software with specific process technology interfaces. For new plants, explosion protection can be directly integrated into the overall control system architecture; for existing plants, the Beckhoff PC-based control platform can simply be extended. Beckhoff also covers all common standards in the industry by connecting via process technology protocols such as HART, NAMUR and FDT/DTM. The complete integration of these protocols and programming standards in TwinCAT provides a familiar experience for users who previously worked with other software environments. With products for explosion protection and corresponding software interfaces in TwinCAT, Beckhoff offers a lean, system-integrated alternative to traditional process industry suppliers. PC-based control is suitable for process technology applications in numerous industries: from oil and gas production, petrochemicals, water management, the food and beverage industry, metal and woodworking, through to pulp and paper production.

Products & Technologies

EtherCAT Terminals in the ELX series

EtherCAT Terminals in the ELX series: The ELX series EtherCAT Terminals with intrinsically safe inputs/outputs enable direct connection of field devices located in hazardous areas up to Zone 0/20.

Control Panels/Panel PCs in the CPX series

Control Panels/Panel PCs in the CPX series: The explosion-proof CPX panel series for hazardous areas Zone 2 and 22 combine high quality and elegant design with advanced capacitive multi-touch technology and are available as integrated and stand-alone versions.


TwinCAT: The TwinCAT engineering and control platform supports numerous standards and protocols specific to process technology such as NAMUR, HART, FDT/DTM.


EtherCAT: The fast, open and ideally suited fieldbus for process technology